Qtum Electrum v0.17.2 beta

Downloads Links of Windows/Linux/Mac

About Qtum Electrum

  • multisignature support
  • segwit support
  • hardware wallet support

What's new

  • support importing master private key from Qtum Qt Core wallet
  • fix a shortcut issue for windows setup
  • more robust

Hash Validation

Hash: SHA256

If you would like to validate that the binaries you download are exactly the same as those provided and built by the Qtum team, then you can compare your binaries to the following sha256sum hashes:
4b64b1663b40d5912f8c5a4ffa634542872862aca0a6604d22d5acb10aacaea5  Qtum-electrum-osx-v0.17.2.dmg
d848b5a5a288b657c8eec64dc6f0b967587fa6cbb6962fe9a2b8d3056785e577  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.17.2-portable.exe
3bb0261671890942c61d5b4fbe128fe52dc004ab9113deecffdae77231a7cd69  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.17.2-setup.exe
bd79b6642cecbec12581264702581ea3b43d6d11a622e8600cea02f95e90071e  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.17.2.exe