Qtum Electrum v0.18.9

Downloads Links of Windows/Linux/Mac

About Qtum Electrum

  • QRC20-Token support
  • multisignature support
  • segwit support
  • hardware wallet support

What's new

  • fix email plugin and support sending transaction via email (thank kangtingying for contributing)
  • fix incorrect fee rate
  • user experience improvement


  • Trezor uses bitcoin mode for now, it shows bitcoin type address when signing transactions.

Hash Validation

Hash: SHA256

If you would like to validate that the binaries you download are exactly the same as those provided and built by the Qtum team, then you can compare your binaries to the following sha256sum hashes:
5d7ef1d4c4ae56f8a367070ec442af1e7430cc40b0662839558e1c0d3b6b1965  Qtum-electrum-osx-v0.18.9.dmg
c00c3917bc2e45a777e09a94e6bb91aed126fe0c4f38ff39876f6fb52691ffdd  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.9.exe
141d1dc764346c9fab7c9f6c0a13bc239d87667d6e0fafb8519cbeac7fdc08c1  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.9-portable.exe
6fa1b5744cf07de78978898d0f9ea615f1c3522ec5f49acb69c679fe0f47b08e  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.9-setup.exe